Give Yourself A Moment Of Relaxation

Want to relax and let go during your stay? Let yourself go in this wellness area.

Create your own invigorating sensory journey with a whirlpool, sauna, snow shower and a Bucket Shower.

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Whirlpool Baths

What are the benefits of a whirlpool bath?

Today, the whirlpool bath is recognized for its many benefits. Thanks to its hydromassage jets, the spa delivers precise, effective massages. The combination of heat and massage soothes both body and mind, health and spirit.

The spa is particularly suited to people who are tired and stressed by their daily environment. The whirlpool bath provides a dose of well-being and relaxation.



What are the benefits of the sauna?

Known for its anti-stress benefits, it is also reputed to be an aid to sleep but also a remedy for skin problems (acne, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria).

Relaxing, saunas also have purifying virtues, perfect for eliminating the stress and toxins of everyday life. Above all, a sauna session is a privileged moment of relaxation for the body as well as for the mind. The skin begins to sweat intensely, which encourages the opening of the pores and therefore a cleansing of the body.


Snow Shower

What are the benefits of a snow shower?

After a good sauna, there is nothing like a good dose of snow! The benefits of alternating hot and cold for the body have been known for centuries, and when the body temperature suddenly changes, stress is combated and the body and mind are stimulated. The positive effects are increased, last longer and are more profound. How does it work? Like a shower, but instead of water, fine snow crystals fall continuously.



During your holidays or business trips, you can extend your fitness routine.

The hotel has a fully-equipped gym with bicycles, an elliptical trainer and a variety of weight training equipment. It is open all day long.

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