Completely renovated in 2020, the hotel offers a new start, new offers and new promises. The new owners, the Acquaviva family, decided to give a new name to the hotel, in order to begin a whole new adventure.

To help you to understand our philosophy and the environment where you are staying, discover the origin and the signification of the hotel name and our logo.

The logo is illustrated by a drop of water that encompasses mountainous terrain, which roots spill from. The drop of water represents serenity, the word "water" in the Corsican language is translated as "Acqua", a direct link with the name of the hotel and of the family. This drop makes the link between the mountain and the roots. From the hotel terrace, we can see the Monte Grossu chain as well as the Cintu massif, behind which is located the village of Lozzi. The highest municipality in Corsica located in the heart of the Niolu region, Lozzi has two hamlets, one of which is called the Acquale.

Why L’ACQUALE name?  The Acquaviva are for most of them, from l’Acquale wich is one of the two hamlets belonging to the village of Lozzi, the highest municipality in Corsica located in the heart of the Niolu region. L'Acquale Calvi, the name of the establishment takes on its full meaning. The majority of Acquaviva's families in Corsica, are originally from Acquale village. The family has a particulary important position in Corsica and this hotel which is a family project where parents and children operate hand-in-hand. 

Guests are welcome in a warm, authentic atmosphere with modern elegance where hospitality reigns. It is not just a matter of offering the lodging and the place to eat, but to recreate one environment or the other feels good and gives the traveller something chosen of itseilf. L’Acquale established itself as the better choice to highlight our history and our values.



Hotels are not just places of passage, they have become a place of life where one enjoys to stay, to meet, to create a link with the teams. Here you will find a place brimming with charm combining authenticity and design.

We have created common areas where we feel good, auspicious spaces to encounters, discoveries and not just work. This hotel would be nothing without our team who makes all the best to make an unforgettable stay.

The majority of our employees are from Balagne. They will share with you their favourites places and addresses for a stay in immersion in the local culture. The team is also complemented by hotel enthusiasts who will use their know-how to perfect your expectations.


Innovation for your expirience

Reflecting on the needs of todays and tomorrow’s consumers, innovating, remaining attentive to our environment and its evolution, making technology an opportunity rather than a threat, are our commitments.

This approach is reflected in our hotel by spaces offering easy access to technological services (coworking space, fitness room, pre-check-in service) and powerful products (QR code, connected TV).


Wake up gently

Social and sustainable

We believe that commitment to the environment has become essential to respect the elements around us. Aware of the privilege we have to live on a precious island whose quality of fauna, flora and landscapes is no longer to be demonstrated, we consider it our duty to maintain its quality and sustainability.

It has become essential to share responsible, ethical and supportive values with both our employees and our customers, in order to envision a prosperous future.

In order to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment, we made strategic choices during the complete rehabilitation of the establishment in 2020 and implemented simple, common sense and committed actions over time, on different aspects.

You can consult these actions by clicking here



Eco Label

In order to materialize our environmental approach, we have undertaken in 2022 an application for certification with the European Ecolabel.

Following its audit, the Acquale was awarded the Ecolabel in November 2022.

We are proud to join other establishments that are committed to better managing our ecological and social footprint.

In a constant effort to improve, our post-certification efforts continue to work towards developing our skills and results in this area.

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